SL Temple; 11.25.09 4:18; Salt Lake City, UT; f8; 1/80 Canon Rebel

I love the Salt Lake Temple, this is where I was sealed for eternity to my love.

I love this picture, some say that the tree is distracting but for me it stands as a symbol – in life it is often hard to find beauty – if we look we will find it – nothing could make this temple ugly. ALso, how often is it that something gets in our way of getting to the temple or righteously living the gospel…just as this tree that stands in view – so will those temptations.


SmallBackground copy

Small Monster

SmallTall Monster copy

1. Background; 11/16/09 8:40 Idaho Falls, ID; f5; 1/13

2. Monster Original; 11/16/09 8:41 Idaho Falls, ID; f5; 1/6

This is what I get for asking my husband to help with my assignment. We were looking at the power point and he came up with the idea of a huge Monster drink. What if it was as long as me…so we went with it. I took a picture of the table and back wall for a canvas to work on, then took the image of just the can. I thought of taking several images of the can but we couldn’t get his fingers or their reflection off of the can so we just copy and pasted parts of the can (mostly the plain black segments) then I went back and with a slight (50%) feather selected the text from the can and transfered it over to the black can. It was a challenge to get all of the high lights ligned up just right the feather really helped each layer blend better.
From our table to the shelf in the lower image is about two feet.

Small Finger light

1. Finger Light; 11/16/09 8:41 Idaho Falls ID; f5;1/30 Canon Rebel

This was a challenge for me, I have been sick and therefor I feel like all creativity energy is MIA – This is what I came up with, how cool would it be to have fire at your fingertips, you would never be cold or in the dark! I positioned a candle behind my finger and snaped the picture.


1. One; 10.7.09 2:16; Bannack Montana; f5; 1/3200 Canon Rebel


2. Two; 10.7.09 2:16; Bannack Montana; f5; 1/4000 Canon Rebel


3. Three; 10.7.09 2:16; Bannack Montana; f5; 1/4000 Canon Rebel


4. Four; 10.7.09 2:16; Bannack Montana; f5; 1/4000 Canon Rebel

I really was just taking pictures from the van, not sure what I would get once I pulled them up; but I did get a few sequences that turned out really nice!

Small Bannack Pano

It was really neat to learn how to use the photomerge tool that Photoshop has developed. It has made it much easier for these to be done over all. Once the program created the entire blended image I hid one of the images at a time to see where it was that they had blended them and how. It was pretty neat.

This is a combination of four images.
Once the blend was complete I adjusted sats, curves, and levels then with the hue I changed it to Sepia and did somewhat of a flexible vignette.
Then I increased the canvas size and added a stroke and text.

SMALL PhotoADayTemplate3 copy

small MY Photo a day Template copy


At the end of the semester we will create a Photo Book as a way to display our images from the semester.
This is a template (one of three) that Sis. Esplin allowed us to use or we could create our own. Trying to keep things simple for my first book I opted to use hers and change out the colors. With the photo book and the template you use the shapes and clipping masks to hid and show some of the images while still allowing for adjustment later if necessary.
With the color scheme that I went with for my book I thought it would be neat to see all of my images in black and white for this two page spread and I am pleased with how it turned out.
I am very excited to see how the rest of my book comes together and what I can make in the future.




Small Sunday

1. Sunday; 10.25.09 12:00; Idaho Falls, ID; f16; 1/250 Canon Rebel
This is taken of a tree in my backyard. I wanted to get some of the leaves before they all fell or blew away. This was a hard one to meter.

Small Dunes copy

2.Monday; 10.26.09 6:06, St. Anthony, ID; f10; 1/200 Canon Rebel
Longest night of life. My husband loves off roading and brought me with him to the dunes this night in the jeep…it was the longest scariest roller coaster ride of my life. ha I got just a little sick. It was very windy that day so this shot was taken through the front window.

Small Tuesday

3. Tuesday; 10.27.09 7:25 am; Rigby, ID; f16; 8; Canon Rebel
I commute to school and so this is what five hours of my week looks like (70 or so hours a semester). I am pretty sure this would not be legal as a driver to use the steering wheel as a tripod but it was only a few seconds and my hands were still on the wheel. This shot is right as a semi was passing me.

Small Wednesday

4. Wednesday; 10.28.09 5:45; Idaho Falls, ID; f5; 1/30
The tables at the ward Halloween party/trunk-er-treat.

Thursday Small

5. Thursday; 10.29.09 9:08; Idaho Falls, ID; f5; 1/6 Canon Rebel
This is an image for my bro-in-law on the right, for his senior project he is being a personal trainer and needed it to be documented. The lighting was tricky here-late at night with awesomely huge florescent lights and shadows.

Small Friday

6. Friday; 10.30.09 9:34am; Idaho Falls, ID; f4.5; 0.8 Canon Rebel
My dear husbands boots left out and thought it was a neat shot on my dusty floors. This was interesting with lighting as well, for this image I used the window lighting on both sides of the boots instead of the overhead lights in the house.

Satuday Small

7. Saturday; 10.31.09 3:15 Idaho Falls ID; f5; 1/250 Canon Rebel
This is my favorite shot from the week. I love the shallow depth and the colors (popped with increased levels and sats), and the tiny bit of spider web that is cought in the shot. This was on the fence at the Idaho Falls Temple.